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Classification of "Guesthouses and Hostelries of Character" in Morocco

Guesthouses and Hostelries of Character in Morocco

10th edition

Classification of "Guesthouses and Hostelries of Character"...

Rooms from 170 to 400 euros and suites from 250 to 500 euros,
depending on region :

*"Luxury" establishments : Well worth the journey, exceptional architecture, large flower and tree-filled patios, magnificent terraces, remarkable gardens and grounds, large swimming- pools, hammams and jacuzzi for the most part. Decor of great finesse and sophistication, rare and antique artworks, very high quality furnishings. Bathrobes, slippers, linen, bed covers and curtains worthy of a palace from the Thousand and One Nights. Very spacious lounges and dining-room, royal suites and magnificent guest-rooms, luxurious bathrooms. Air-conditioning, mini-bar, safe, satellite TV, stereo… Top quality food and service.

Rooms from 60 to 220 euros, suites 90 to 300 euros,
depending on region :

*“Very Comfortable” establishments : Worth a detour, Remarkable architecture, very good service, furnishings and decoration of great finesse, rare and antique works of art, luxurious suits and beautiful guest-rooms with bathrooms to match, flower and tree-lined patios, fine swimming-pools and superb grounds or gardens, splendid terraces, hammam or jacuzzi in some cases. Household linen worthy of such fine residences, very spacious lounges and dining-rooms. Air-conditioning, mini-bar, safe, satellite TV, stereo… High quality service and cuisine, experienced staff.

Rooms from 40 to 140 euros, suites from 90 to 180 euros,
depending on region :

*“Charming and Traditional” establishments : Very fine houses and excellent stopping-off places. Decorated with much care, surroundings and services of real quality. Household linen and personal comfort worthy of your expectations. Fountains and leafy patios, ponds and swimming-pools, enchanting terraces and grounds… Very attractive lounges and dining-rooms, suites and guestrooms of great comfort, each with private bathroom and toilet. Air-conditioning, satellite TV, hammam or jacuzzi in some cases. High quality service and, in most cases, the possibility of taking meals in situ.

Rooms from 30 to 110 euros, suites from 65 to 165 euros,
depending on region :

*“Ambience”, “Elegant” and “Friendly” establishments : fine service at moderate prices in these lovely traditional houses of character, lively atmosphere, friendly welcome, well planned decoration, good service and plenty of comfort. Leafy patios and beautiful terraces and elegant guest-rooms, private bathrooms, public rooms and areas of real enchantment, service in situ by permanent staff.

Rooms from 12 to 50 euros, depending on region :

*“Good addresses at low prices” establishments : Perfect for limited budgets in search of authenticity, these houses offer simple but comfortable rooms, private bathrooms and toilets (or shared by a maximum of two rooms), friendly, relaxed service, a warm welcome and a pleasant setting.

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